As much as "Game of Thrones" fans would want to prolong the epic drama, sadly, everything comes to an end. It's too early to be let down seeing as the final season is not scheduled to release until late 2018 or early 2019, but the despair about the beloved show's end remains to loom all the same. That is why hearing about prequel shows that will succeed the epic drama is welcome news — and there are plans not only for one of these spinoffs but four or five!

Everyone knows that it would be a bad move if HBO just lets go of a multi-billion franchise like that, so there are talks between showrunners about developing prequel spin-offs for "Game of Thrones.

" There are four confirmed shows that will be chosen from, with a fifth idea still in the works.

HBO teams up with accomplished writers and directors for the new projects

According to The Hollywood Reporter, HBO made it official when they announced last May that they are teaming up with some of the biggest names in film and TV to create these "successor shows" (as they call it). They had Max Borenstein, screenwriter for "Kong: Skull Island;" Jane Goldman, the writer for that quirky superhero film "Kick-Ass;" Brian Helgeland, director of crime-thriller "Legend;" and Carly Wray, a writer for the TV series "The Leftovers." These people will be working independently; one each for the four possible successor shows that HBO plans to release.

And before you worry that the "Game of Thrones" essence will be taken away from the shows because different people are working on it, fear not! It has been reported that George R. R. Martin himself is working with each of these creators, and he even co-writes in at least two of the four possible shows! Unfortunately, GoT original producers David Benioff and Dan Weiss will be taking a step back from these spinoff projects; choosing to focus on the final moments of the flagship franchise instead.

Season 8 rumors debunked: episodes will not premiere in theaters

Still, the anticipation for Season 7 of the main show and its upcoming eighth and final season cannot be understated. "I truly think it will go down as one of the best shows in the history of television," HBO president of programming Casey Bloys said.

Speaking of Season 8, Bloys also took the chance to debunk one of the rumors regarding the final season: that the episodes will be shown in theaters.

Given the length of the Season 8 episodes — which average at full, feature-length film — it's not hard to see where the rumors are coming from. However, Bloys assured viewers that the final season will not premiere anywhere other than HBO. "This is for subscribers," he said.