"The Walking Dead" family lost their stuntman, John Bernecker, last week. He was on a second story balcony filming a scene where he was to go over the railing, fall 22 feet, and land on the cushions below. He landed on the concrete floor mere inches from the cushions that were placed to break his fall.

John Bernecker fatally injured on-set last week.

Bernecker was treated on scene and paramedics were called. He was medivac-ed to Atlanta Medical Center, the nearest trauma center. Bernecker was put on a ventilator and his family had to make the tough decision to let him go.

AMC issued a condolence statement in which they referred to the fact that his family donated his organs.

John Bernecker was a 33-year-old New Orleans native. He had a lot of experience in the industry and a long resume. With the closeness "The Walking Dead" cast and crew has is like family. From the outpouring of love and support from his co-workers on social media, they are shocked and saddened at the loss of their friend.

When production was shut down, an investigation was opened into the details of the tragic accident. Not only does "The Walking Dead" and AMC want to get to the bottom of things, but according to USA Today, OSHA is investigating as well. There will be more news to come as the investigation is underway.

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Because "The Walking Dead" shuts down filming in mid-July for Comic-Con each year, fans expected production not to resume so soon. Most of the cast and crew will be traveling to San Diego for the event. Comic-Con San Diego is the most anticipated event of the year, next to premiere night.

That is when fans will get their first glimpse at the Season 8 trailer for "The Walking Dead" as well as the premiere date. This year the announcements will still be shrouded in tragedy as the cast, crew, and fans are still coming to terms with such a terrible loss.

What episode are they on in filming?

"The Walking Dead" is currently filming Episode 6 of Season 8.

Scott Gimple, the showrunner, has not said if the scene will be changed so that the fall will not take place as it was scheduled to. They normally take about eight days to film each episode. With resuming filming only five days after the fatal accident, they may be trying to finish up the episode before they leave Georgia for San Diego.

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