Fans have been long waiting for the coming of "The Originals" Season 5 as a character crossover from "The Vampire Diaries" is about to happen. As viewers are waiting for more teasers and hints, the show's executive producer Julie Plec surprised them with an unexpected announcement.

Unfortunately, the coming fifth season of "TVD" spinoff series will be its final bow. With that, it will be the second time that Plec is about to bid her final goodbye at San Diego Comic-Con 2017.

The final goodbye

Julie Plec shared a snap on her Twitter page that has her lengthy message about "The Originals" Season 5's ending.

"I'm packing my bags for Comic-Con," she said. It has been a year since she first announced the conclusion of "The Vampire Diaries" after eight seasons at the same event. Thus, this might be the right time to bid another goodbye. "This year, we invite you to help us say goodbye to 'The Originals'," she continued.

As it breaks her heart, she admitted that it is a gift and a curse to be able to control the ending of a series. She, then, told their fans to join them as they grace their final Comic-Con panel. She also invited all the viewers to celebrate and cry with them as they are about to air the show’s final stretch next spring.

However, Julie Plec also assured that although the television series is about to end, its story will never be finished.

"Know that in a show about an immortal family who believes in 'Always and Forever', it's never really the end of the story," she ended her note. She also revealed that the spin-off series is about to start its production on Monday, which will be the start of their final season.

Additionally, the show's main star Joseph Morgan, who plays the role of Niklaus Mikaelson, also shared his sentiments about the imminent ending.

"TheOriginalsS5 will be our last," he wrote in a tweet. He then gave his gratitude for their fans' "undying support." "I hope you’ll keep the darkest corner of your heart reserved for us," he continued.

A new spin-off series

Meanwhile, it looks like Julie Plec is trying to say something when she uttered that "it's never really the end of the story," although "The Originals" Season 5 is about to conclude.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly long before "The Vampire Diaries" Season 8 was brought to a close, she said that she was thinking to do a second spin-off series. This might feature Caroline Forbes (Candice King). To add fuel to the fire, it has been officially announced that the “TVD” crossover is really happening in the show’s upcoming season.

As there are swirling rumors that Caroline and Klaus are about to meet again, will they rekindle their old flame?Will the spin-off series be about their deferred love? Watch out for the return of "The Originals" Season 5 in 2017 on The CW.