Roman Atwood is a famous YouTuber who has been sharing videos of both pranks and his family online for years. He first became known to the YouTube community as a prankster as he pulled off such pranks as accidentally killing his children. These controversial prank videos earned him a mass following and by the time that the pregnancy announcement video rolled around it gained 7.8 million views. Over the years Atwood has had to abandon his pranks to gear towards a more family friendly channel. He has two sons, Noah and Kane, and recently welcomed his first daughter to the world.

The months up to his daughters birth

Roman Atwood has been filming his life for years and posting vlogs to the platform YouTube. He has gained a massive family and many of his fans tune in daily to see what the Atwood family are up to. Those who watch Roman will know that he already has two sons. In the months leading up to the birth of his daughter, Atwood can not contain his excitement when the gender is revealed as a girl.

He recently posted a video looking back on all of the moments of his partner Brittney's pregnancy. The videos are full of special moments such as first scans, the gender reveal, baby showers and eventually the birth itself. Roman and Brittney decided that Brittney would give birth at home and on July 16 she went into labor.

The 34-year-old father to be captured the water birth live and the couple could not be happier as they welcomed their little girl into the world.

Atwood confirmed the news on social media

Roman Atwood posted to Twitter that his partner had gone into labor with their little girl. His fans took to social media to express their congratulations to the couple.

Brittney posted a photo of their baby to Twitter on July 17 and fans swooned over the little girl asleep in her bassinet. According to Hollywood Life, the baby has yet to be named but Roman has been hinting on Twitter that Brittney and he have already picked one out.

Roman and Brittney have expressed their appreciation for their friends and family over the course of the pregnancy.

The pair is extremely happy and excited to finally be able to hold their daughter in their arms. The little girl will no doubt be featuring as a regular in Roman's vlogs and fans can look forward to seeing her grow up.

There has been no further comment on the child's name and fans remain unsure when the Atwood family are going to make the reveal. It is entirely possible that there will be a special video announcing the name of their new born daughter.