Unless viewers watch the live feed of this season's "Big Brother," they will miss a lot. For instance, they would not have known that Megan Lowder left the house on her own because things were going on in the house that triggered her post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from her time in the Navy.

Season 19 of "Big Brother" premiered last Wednesday and Thursday. Lowder was present on both of those episodes.

Guest leaves the house

News about Lowder leaving came out on Friday after viewers noticed she was missing when they watched the live feeds on Friday evening. Other houseguests were talking about an incident involving the 28-year-old military person who said she was a dog walker to downplay her real profession.

On Thursday's episode, Josh Martinez yelled at Lowder and called her a "snake" and "bully." Later, he apologized and she accepted his apology even though she didn't understand why he attacked her. Then Cody Nickson, who won head of household, nominated Lowder and Jillian Parker to be eliminated. He said he picked Megan just because he didn’t like her. Lowder couldn't understand why three of the men were against her especially after being in the house for only a short period of time. The three men were Josh, Cody and Mark Jansen.

Lowder's explanation

Lowder explained when she was stationed in Norfolk, Virginia, she was sexually assaulted. As a result, she suffered from PTSD. When the men started yelling at her in the house, it affected her to the point of making her ill.

She confessed she threw up, had diarrhea and was nauseous all the time.

Lowder ended up in the hospital before she left the house. Therefore, it was a mutual decision between her and the producers that she should leave. She is back in Cathedral City, California with her family.

Two houseguests have left

After just two episodes, two houseguests have left the house already.

The theme for Season 19 is "The Summer of Temptation" where contestants will be tested on every level as they fight to stay in the house.

During the very first episode, Paul Abrahamian returned from last season to replace the person who was voted off. Cameron Heard, the 24-year-old microbiologist, was voted off after only 12 hours. Even though viewers saw Megan in only two episodes, she was in the house for nine days.

"Big Brother" airs on CBS Sundays and Wednesdays at 8 p.m. and on Thursdays at 9 p.m. If you don't watch all the episodes, you will miss a lot.

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