pregnancy. It is both an exciting and overwhelming time. MTV personality Kailyn Lowry is elated to be adding a third child to her family. As she enters the final month of her pregnancy, however, she is very much ready to have this baby and get on to living life with her children.

Holiday baby

Lowry took to Twitter early this morning to let her fans and followers know that she was hopeful about having a 4th of July baby. Who wouldn’t want to have a baby on a holiday? Holiday birthdays are certainly easier to remember. Though, the individual who has the birthday might not agree as he (or she) will always have to share said birthday with the actual holiday which isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Mandi Venturino

“Teen Mom 2” producer Mandi Venturino posted a reply to Kailyn’s hopeful tweet also wishing the newest addition to the “Teen Mom” universe could be brought into the world over the holiday weekend. Kailyn agreed it would be the perfect excuse to party every year.

She isn’t getting her hopes up

Kailyn did come back to reality revealing she wasn’t going to get her hopes up as she knew she still had an entire month before her due date and having the baby a little more than a month early was highly unlikely. Despite how cool she thought having a holiday baby would be. As appealing as 4th of July birthday parties might seem, Kailyn still has roughly 5-weeks before she hits her due date.

Kailyn’s pregnancy has been the talks of the “Teen Mom 2” universe ever since the reality TV personality shocked her fans with the news back in March. Lowry’s fans and followers, however, had suspected the young mother was pregnant before she made the news public. Unsurprising considering most members of the “Teen Mom 2” cast end up facing pregnancy rumors fairly regularly.

The ironic part being that they usually end up being fact instead of rumors.

Lowry’s pregnancy has been fairly controversial as she had recently split up with her husband and was unwilling to tell fans who the father of the baby was at first. When Lowry did finally come clean about the father of the baby, it was clear she was no longer in a relationship with him and would be taking care of the new baby on her own.

Along the journey of her pregnancy, Kailyn has been a little wishy-washy regarding whether or not she wants to raise the baby along or with the involvement of the baby’s father. For the most part, however, it would appear as if Kailyn is now going to be a single mother of three.