R. Kelly has found his way back into the headlines. Unfortunately, it appears as if the singer is once again up to no good.

Abusive cult

R. Kelly has been accused of holding women in an abusive cult. He reportedly keeps women in his homes in Atlanta and Chicago. He has been preying on young women brought to him by their parents. Kelly -- who has many accusations of crimes of a sexual nature built up against him -- is now being accused of brainwashing and keeping young girls in his homes. He married a fifteen year old Aaliyah, a popular R and B singer at the time, and was accused of having sex with and filming a fourteen year old girl.

R. Kelly continued to tour and even released an album when all the heat was on him. His most known single “I Believe I Can Fly” was an inspiration to so many. During the time these allegations were going on, R. Kelly released the “In the Closet” song that many people really liked or really hated. Typically, this is the way it works with R. Kelly. You either really love his work or you really hate it.

The girls

The girls who live with Robert Kelly aren’t allowed to speak for themselves, according to loved ones and some acquaintances of the singer. The parents of some of the girls have come forward and said he controls every aspect of their lives. He has taken their cell phones and will not let them call their parents.

They are only allowed to talk to him. The parents say R. Kelly allegedly abuses the women and makes sure they do everything he wants them to do.

He has been said to tell them when they can bathe, eat, and sleep, saying that they have to ask permission to go to the bathroom. They are filmed when they engage in sex with the fifty-year-old Kelly and he makes them all call him daddy.

If they want to leave the house they have to have permission from him and he knows exactly where they’re going and what they’re doing.

R. Kelly has denied the accusations

Representatives for R. Kelly deny that anything like this is happening. His legal representative Linda Mensch says he's a caring person and loves his fans.

She says R. Kelly deserves to have his personal life respected. A wellness check of the properties didn’t find anything going on that would merit pressing charges. All the girls are eighteen or older and they didn’t say anything was wrong when questioned, but some think that that’s just his power over them.

If these allegations are true, it wouldn’t be the first time a celebrity has used fame and money to disrespect and break down members of the opposite sex.