"The Haves and the Have Nots" that aired on Tuesday, July 25, provided some answers to questions viewers had after seeing last week's shocking scene when Charles' Secret Service agents barged into the hotel room to arrest Candace.

Charles and Candace

Charles used a code word while were lying in bed with Candace. Then his Secret Service entered the room and handcuffed Candace. They threatened to arrest her and send her to Guantanamo Bay for her terrorist threats to Charles' family.

Viewers know now that it was a setup. Charles let her know she can't continue going around tricking and using people to get what she wants.

Fans found out that Landon is back. He has not been on the show since Maggie Day's death. Now Landon is working with Charles on his campaign and using the techniques he learned from Maggie.

Veronica and Melissa

Veronica visited Melissa in the hospital and told her she didn't care about her. Her only interest is her grandchild Melissa is carrying. Veronica slapped Melissa a couple of times and told her what will happen to her if she tried to kill herself again.

Katheryn and Hanna

Katheryn helped Hanna plan her grandson's funeral. Hanna calls Benny again, and Mitch answers the phone. However, he wouldn't tell Hanna that Benny is in jail. After Katheryn takes the phone, Mitch tells her but made her promise not to tell Hanna.

As soon as Katheryn was off the phone, Hanna forced her to tell what she knew.

Wyatt and his dad

Wyatt is getting released from the hospital and tells his father he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. In fact, Wyatt tells Jim that he still plans to testify against him.

When Anna goes outside to pull the car around to take Wyatt home, she runs into Oscar who wants her help in a deal against Wyatt.

That's a new scenario Tyler Perry is adding to the story that is already packed with different plots.

Justin and Jeffrey

Justin stopped by Jeffrey's room to let him know that his mother is threatening to tell his wife about their relationship. Justin has become increasingly jealous over Jeffrey's relationship with Wyatt. Now that Landon is back, Officer Justin has another gay man to be jealous of.

Erica and David

Erica and David were having brunch and discussing their relationship. They haven't been together in a long time. In the middle of their conversation, Veronica comes and sits at the table. In the preview for next week's episode, the two women are seen fighting.

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