"A Boy Called Po" is a movie directed by John Asher with a screenplay for the movie written by Colin Goldman. "A Boy Called Po" focuses on the life of a family where the mother has recently passed away from cancer. This leaves the father and single working dad to look after their only son who has autism. Son Patrick, who prefers to be called Po, struggles to communicate the loss he feels. The film is about the struggles that dad David and Po will face as they come to terms with their new life. Casting includes such actors as Christopher Gorham, Wesley Snipes and Molly Shannon.

Based on a true story

"A Boy Called Po" is based on the true story of a widowed father and his son who has autism. The story was one which was very close to director John Asher's own heart as he received the script shortly after his own son was diagnosed with autism. The story of the struggling pair and the danger of them being separated is a true and brutal reality for many parents out there. Asher wanted to bring this reality to life and shed a new light on the issues.

According to Variety, Freestyle Digital Media has recently acquired the rights to the movie. The film was originally released in 2015 and made its way through such Film Festivals as San Diego International Film Festival and Palm Beach International Film Festival.

It won two awards for its participation in these festivals such as breakthrough feature and best feature film.

Director Asher has said that the movie took him nine years to create. He wanted to capture the motion picture perfectly and refused to settle for less. This has lead to an emotional dramatic movie which completely enraptures.

An incredible cast

"A Boy Called Po" is brought to life by a stellar cast. Actor Christoper Gorham plays father David Wilson who has to adapt to not only losing his wife to cancer but also becoming the sole parent to Patrick, his son with special needs. The character of Patrick is played by the extremely talented Julian Feder.

Feder draws in the audience with his phenomenal understanding of what it means to have autism.

The chemistry between Gorham and Feder is one which builds on the father-son relationship in the movie. It engages the audience with the plot and draws an important connection between viewers and the actors.

"A Boy Called Po" will be released in select theaters sometime this year. This movie is certainly one to pull on one's heartstrings with its important message and heartfelt father son relationship.