Marvel’s “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” may not be as popular as it once was. In fact, most superhero shows may be seeing a slight decline in viewership. But, there is still clearly a need for superhero shows. That’s what FOX believes, as it will bring another comic adaptation to its network. Fall 2017 will see the release of “The Gifted,” and the trailer has now dropped. Here’s your first look at the new show, which will air on Mondays at 9/8c in the fall.

Mutants are hunted by a hostile government

While many TV shows focus on the good that the superheroes can do, there is always the knowledge that not all government agencies trust them.

“Supergirl” constantly focuses on military and governmental action against Kara, while “Arrow” has always had the police force against The Hood. “The Gifted” will show just how dark it can get when mutants are hunted down by a hostile government.

The two-and-a-half minute trailer shows two teenagers who realize they have powers. The problem is nobody knows whether the X-Men are still around, and now there’s nowhere for these youngsters to go. It leaves a family on the run, as they try to protect their two children and find others like them.

To make it harder for the parents, they are both ordinary. Amy Acker stars as the mom, who questions her children about hiding their abilities. The whole reason they did it was because their father hunts and jails people like them.

They didn’t know who to turn to. Their mom is not about to let them get taken and neither is their father.

Another attempt at a FOX/Marvel series

While FOX has succeeded with DC's “Gotham,” it hasn’t succeeded with the Marvel just yet. The last Marvel production failed this year, but there is hope for “The Gifted.” It has a strong cast, known for their roles in supernatural/fantasy programs.

Acker is best known for her role as Fred in “Angel,” while Stephen Moyer, who plays the mutant teens’ father, played Bill Compton in “True Blood.”

Other known stars include Sean Teale from “Reign,” Natalie Alyn Lind from “The Goldbergs,” and Jamie Cheung from “Once Upon a Time.” Cheung’s role in this makes it clear that Mulan is likely not returning to “OUaT” for season 7.

“The Gifted” is set in the X-Men universe, though it's unclear just how far in the future the series is set right now. The timeline will likely be revealed in the coming weeks.

The series has been ordered as a “put pilot.” This is a strong indication that FOX has hope for the show, especially in the Monday night slot following hit show “Lucifer.”