"The Fosters" has returned with its highly anticipated fifth season. The more recent episode of the season titled "Exterminate Her" has fans fearing the breakdown of Emma and Jesus' relationship. The pair has had an off and on again relationship in the show and has become a fan favorite. However, last season Jesus suffered a severe brain injury which is affecting his moods and the way he understands things. Judging by this weeks episode, it might all be a bit too much for Emma leading fans to believe that she will break things off with her boyfriend.

Is Emma thinking about ending things?

The latest episode of "The Fosters" aired a couple of days ago, and as per usual, the episode was full of twists and turns. One of the most poignant issues dealt with in this episode was the effect that Jesus' brain injury was having on his behavior. In the first episode of the season, he loses control and destroys Brandon's room. In "Exterminate Her" he rises quickly to anger when he learns he might not be a senior next year.

Just as Jesus hears the news and is throwing objects around his room, Emma comes to see him. She timidly walks up the star and stops seeing her boyfriend succumbing to his new found rage. Instead of trying to calm him she leaves. Later when on the phone to Jesus she claims that she never made it over to "The Fosters" home.

She claimed that she was too tied up to make it and apologized.

The most unsettling moment for the pair's relationship is that Emma hangs up on Jesus as he tells her he loves her. Jesus is left confused and obviously hurt as Emma dismisses him. The struggles Jesus have been experiencing because of his brain injury have had a massive impact on his relationships.

It appears that it might be too much for Emma to deal with.

Noah Centineo admits things get difficult for the pair

Centineo, who plays Jesus on "The Fosters" has admitted that things are about to get pretty rocky for the couple. According to TV Guide, Centineo stated that things are going to be difficult for Emma as she tries to get used to the new unstable Jesus.

He said that Jesus' girlfriend is afraid of Jesus and his inability to control his anger. This would explain why Emma left when Jesus had another angry outburst in "Exterminate Her."

"The Fosters" will air episode 3 of season 5 on July 25. The episode will be titled "Contact." Fans will have to wait and see if Emma and Jesus' relationship will pull through or if the pair will eventually break up.