The Netflix May 2017 lineup is spectacular and will give you the perfect excuse to become a couch potato. You'll get your money's worth from the streaming service in May with plenty of television series, movies, and Netflix originals to choose from.

Chill the wine, grab your dog (or significant other) and get ready for a month's worth of binge-worthy TV. You may have to use some of your sick days so you'll have time to watch everything that Netflix has in store for subscribers in May. Actually, that sounds like a really good idea, doesn't it?

Top movies streaming on Netflix in May

Must-see movies in May include "Chocolat," "Forrest Gump," "Inglourious Basterds," "The Breakup," "Masterminds," and "The Place Beyond the Pines." Keep in mind, the movies don't all start on May 1, but that's a good thing if you have a busy schedule.

Best TV shows to binge watch during the month of May

If binge-watching is your thing, here's a list of TV series coming to Netflix in May that may or may not be of interest.

"Switched at Birth" (Season 5) and "The Fosters" (Season 4) begin streaming on Netflix on May 11. "Sherlock" (Season 4) hits Netflix on May 15. "Royal Pains" (Season 8) and "Riverdale" (Season 1) begin May 18.

Netflix Originals coming in May

There are more Netflix Original movies and series streaming in May than anything else. There are so many great originals that the only big decision you may have will be what kind of pizza to order.

Here are some of the top picks for Netflix Original programming for May.

  • "Handsome: A Netflix Mystery Movie"
  • "Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust"
  • "Bloodline" Season 3
  • "Sense8" Season 2
  • LAME!"
  • "Laerte-se"
  • "The Keepers" Season 1
  • "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt" Season 3
  • "Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive"
  • "house of cards" Season 5
  • "The Keepers" Season 1
  • "Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King"

Download Netflix content, watch later without WiFi

Many of the TV shows and movies above are available for download.

If you're traveling during the month of May, download your favorites ahead of time so you can watch them on your mobile device without an internet connection.

If you haven't downloaded any content yet, the instructions on the Netflix website states that you will need to delete downloaded titles before downloading more content. That means you may not be able to download everything at once — pick a few of your favorite movies and TV series, download, watch, and delete. No word on what the limits are for downloading, but you'll find out if you try to download too many at once.