Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna dated from January 2016 until December after their daughter Dream was born. Three months into dating they announced their engagement. One month after that they announced that Chyna was pregnant. Their relationship was publicly disliked by the Kardashian family. They accused Blac Chyna of using their brother. Recently Rob Kardashian took to social media to lash out at his ex. He posted explicit photos of her as well as videos and claims of drug abuse and cheating.

Rob Kardashian attacks Blac Chyna online

The Kardashian took to Instagram where he publicly attacked his ex online.

Rob made a series of accusations about his ex including that she took drugs and was getting plastic surgery after the birth of their child. Rob stated that he paid for Chyna's plastic surgery. Among the claims were that she had cheated on him with several men. The Kardashian released explicit pictures of his ex before his account was taken down.

However, that did not stop the Kardashian in his tracks. When Rob realized that his account had been taken down he moved his attack on Chyna to Twitter. There he continued to bash the mother of his child. He claimed that Blac Chyna only had their daughter for fame and once Dream was born she was done with the charade. Rob expressed to the world that he had remained faithful to Chyna throughout their relationship and that his loyalty was clearly misplaced.

Blac Chyna to take legal action

The Kardashian is liable for Legal Action as his actions include the public defamation of character. The photographs that he posted to Instagram violated California's revenge porn laws. Rob could be looking at up to six months in jail alongside a $1000 fine. As of yet, there is no evidence as to what prompted the Kardashian to lash out at his ex in this manner.

According to the BBC, Blac Chyna is moving to take legal action against her ex. Her lawyer, Walter Mosey, has released a statement saying that the star is considering what kind of legal action she wants to take. Blac Chyna responded to Rob Kardashian's attack on her on Snapchat. The star claimed that Rob was trying to beat her down and that she would not put up with it.

She claimed that since he is a Kardashian he believes that he can get away with this kind of behavior.

Rob Kardashian has struggled with depression in the past following the death of his father. It is possible that the star is encountering difficulties with his illness and that this prompted him to attack his ex. There has been no comment from the rest of the Kardashian family.

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