There is still time before the fourth season of “The Flash” speeds away on The CW. Those who have witnessed the third season finale back in May would recall what seemed to be a heroic sacrifice on the part of Barry Allen/Flash (Grant Gustin), trapping himself in the Speed Force to atone for creating the Flashpoint timeline. It is a nice callback the iconic loss of Barry-Flash in the DC Comic books for a time since 1986, before returning in 2008 and staying prominent since. But he is the main character of the show, and teasers for season 4 do have him returning in the premiere episode.

"The Flash" even gets a new costume out of it.

New threads

It does seem like an appropriate visual cue to celebrate the fourth season of “The Flash” on The CW. Grant Gustin will be sporting a brand new design for his superhero costume when Barry Allen comes out of the Speed Force in the episode “The Flash Reborn.” The production has not been all that obsessed with leaks while working on season 4, as evidenced by a high-quality snapshot of Gustin on what appears to be a set shoot, with the new Flash threads plainly displayed.

Fans of the show would recall that the previous Flash costumes were mostly of a uniform shade of red, from the main bodysuit to the accompanying decals.

This time around it would seem that the new costume has quite a few splashes of yellow, predominantly in the thunderbolt emblem on Barry’s chest (with a white background), his ear-wings, forearms, and belt. It very easily matches the general color scheme of the Flash suit as depicted in the comics, not just for Barry but also Wally West (portrayed in the CW series by Keiynan Lonsdale).

Meaningful costume change

In fact, the new costume for Grant Gustin in “The Flash” season 4 is rather laden with symbolism. The styling of the yellow accents would to a DC fan call to mind the current costume of Barry Allen as the Scarlet Speedster on the Rebirth branding of the current comics line.

There will also be some major changes in the cast lineups between the third and fourth seasons.

Despite his prominent supporting role, it is unfortunate that British actor Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy of “Harry Potter”) will no longer figure in the show moving on, with his character storyline left dangling. There will, however, be some new additions, like Danny Trejo who will be playing the part of a parallel-Earth antagonist. More will be revealed later on as the October 10 premiere of “The Flash” on The CW draws ever near.