The French magazine Voici is embroiled in a tiff with Hollywood actor and director, george clooney for using a picture of Amal and his twins Ella and Alexander. The image in question was used on the magazine’s cover, which was made available in stands on July 27. The picture has provoked the actor who has threatened the publication with legal consequences.

What happened?

With this incident the world saw a new side of Clooney, the father. He was enraged when the pictures surfaced and is ready to do anything to protect his family. The picture shows George and Amal cradling their one and a half month old twins while vacationing at their Lake Como estate in Italy.

George released a statement against the French magazine where he says that to protect the rights and privacy of his children he would do anything. He also said that the magazine has tampered with his family’s safety by scaling the fences of his estate, climbing a tree, and by clicking illegal pictures of his infants in the privacy of their home. The photographers were not authorized to take pictures and enter his estate in the first place. He stated that he would take Legal Action against the magazine and the photographers.

Amal was pleased to see this strong and masculine side of her husband and was happy that George is so protective of their kids. She came to the rescue of the magazine and managed to calm him down about the whole fiasco.

What does the magazine claim?

According to Voici’s spokesperson, Amal and George are the most celebrated couple of Hollywood and have been in news ever since they started dating. Their wedding ceremony, which took place in Venice, was highly talked about and was featured by every publication possible, where both posed happily for their fans and the media.

The fans want to see the entire family and, therefore, when their twins, Ella and Alexander were born in London. Someone had to release the pictures because that is what the fans wanted.

Amal’s pregnancy was another highly talked about affair as the couple underwent IVF to conceive. The power couple opting for the process created quite a buzz in the media circuit and the pregnancy unwittingly became highly publicized.

George is one of the most gifted actors in Hollywood and has produced, directed and acted in several blockbusters. Amal, on the other hand, is a high profile human rights lawyer and has fought cases for some of the most renowned world leaders.