A familiar face may not be around when “The Flash” opens its fourth season in October – Julian Albert (Tom Felton). The actor was cast as a series regular in season 3, but it seems that showrunners will have to flip the script on this development. No reason was given for the change

Julian was a character resulting from “Flashpoint,” a CSI who worked together with Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) at the Central City crime lab. He also took on the role of Dr. Alchemy and also got romantically involved with Caitlyn Snow (Danielle Panabaker).

With no word on why he was taken out of the team, he could return on an “as needed” basis, similar to the setup of Floriana Lima on “Supergirl.”

Why Julian’s exit makes sense

Julian was still around when Barry left Team Flash to sacrifice himself to the Speed Force. Though the Scarlett Speedster is expected to return, it begs to ask if changes are forthcoming. Could there be another alteration at some point?

Though he started out as a neophyte for Team Flash, his immediate absence will make sense starting the first episode. With love interest Caitlyn now transforming into Killer Frost, the story arc will likely carry a broken hearted Julian who has opted to go his own way.

As far as a return, that could happen once Caitlyn Snow/ Killer Frost is back in the picture.

It has happened before so Felton may have been relegated to a part-time cast.

Clamor for Harrison Wells

With Julian and Caitlyn gone, the only witty individual left is Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes). With Barry temporarily out of the equation, the Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) from Earth 2 may have to stay until new minds join Team Flash.

That could be the temporary scenario, meaning a new Harrison Wells is still expected to emerge from some of the multiple piles of earth. Right now, there is no official word on that, but Cavanagh seemed to hint that there is one coming as covered in a previous post.

And while there appear to be major twists from within Team Flash, the villains set to appear in the fourth season continue to grow.

Among the evil doers already cast include Neil Sandilands (Clifford Devoe, The Thinker), Kim Engelbrecht (The Mechanic) and Danny Trejo (Breacher).

With the months fast passing by, more leaks and updates on what to expect for “The Flash” Season 4 should continue to come in. Most are still speculating on how Barry will get out of the Speed Force and how Kid Flash (Keiyan Lonsdale) would be able to hold the fort in “The Flash’s” absence. “The Flash” returns on Oct. 10 on CW.