The Flash” continues to impress with each season, begging the question of how long the series will last. There is a goal in mind, though it could be a tedious one. With “Flashpoint” over and done with, it looks like show-runners are targeting more with plans to cover the “Crisis On Infinite Earths.”

The plans to follow this storyline are nothing new. It was first brought up back in 2014 and show-runners seem to still have that in mind. With seeds planted, that could happen. But for the TV series to cover it all they would need the assurance of being around for at least 10 seasons.

It is too early to tell if Team Flash can last that long. It would all boil down to the ratings, something that has so far been a hit with the superhero-frenzied audience. Hence, the secret would be in keeping fans on their feet through compelling plots that try to adopt the comic book storyline.

The newspaper at Star Labs

Since the first season, most may have seen that newspaper in the secret chamber of Star Labs. The headline read “Flash Missing Vanishes In Crisis.” For some, this may be in reference to Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) leaving the team to take his place in the Speed Force.

When that happened in the season 3 finale, there was no scene showing that. It remains to be seen if this will be revisited when “The Flash” resumes.

If not it could crop up at some point in the fourth season, particularly when Barry returns to the real world. Assuming it does end up that way, there will likely be more mysteries ahead – albeit the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” storyline. This means uniting all the corners of the multiverse where the goal is to defeat the Anti-Monitor.

For those who were able to catch it in the comics, Flash tried to stop the Anti-Monitor. The problem is that he ran so fast that he dissipated and ended up back in the Speed Force. Wally West took over at that point. Wasn’t this the scene most saw in season 3?

Shortcuts and adaptation

Most are aware that not all things seen in the comics are adapted into the TV series.

With Wally tasked to take over, the whole thing could be a fabricated way to fast-track actual events. If so, this means the show doesn’t need 10 seasons to cover all the earths. Rather, most of them may be crunched, with show-runners plucking only the essential plots. That could be tricky, especially for fans who know what really happened in the comic book published in 1985.

As most ponder that, it would be best to see what lies in season 4 first. “The Flash” returns on October 10 on the CW.