CM Punk has been pretty quiet lately, last seen in the UFC in a forgettable match against Mickey Gall at UFC 203. Most know by now that his failure to hit it well in the Octagon could lead to a return to the WWE, though that may take some time. Speaking of a potential return to the WWE scene, some fans almost got the surprise of their life when the former WWE champion’s picture was erroneously used to advertise SmackDown Live. Obviously, he did not appear on the show, restoring order to false expectations.

The closest to seeing Punk back in the WWE

With the mistake, Hulu has found plenty of bashers on social media, though all of that is expected to die down soon. With the streaming service likely unaware of the impact that that mistake may have caused, the fact remains that the man also known as Phil Brooks is nowhere near a potential return to the WWE ring.

Punk left the WWE back in 2014 and is currently embroiled in a lawsuit with WWE doctor Chris Amann, having to do with that alleged forced-to-entertain fiasco where Punk was not really 100-percent fit but competed anyway.

He has since been toiling in the UFC circle. As seen in UFC 203, there is no certainty of seeing Punk back in the cage with MMA fans dismayed at the match with Gall. Additionally, it proved that Punk was still a bit raw and needed more time to hone his mixed martial arts knowledge.

Too late for Punk?

At 38, seeing Punk return with improved fighting skills is not that likely.

Age obviously factors in, and another push would be seen as nothing more than a means to generate revenue. As far as actual UFC action is concerned, not many are inclined to believe that Punk can still keep in step with seasoned MMA fighters. So would a WWE return make sense?

If not the WWE, how about other wrestling factions?

Seeing that wounds may take time to heal between the WWE and Punk, he could either embark on another career or consider other groups close to wrestling. There is Lucha Underground and Ring of Honor, among others, both housing former wrestlers that are getting paid lucratively. So far, nothing close to that has been suggested. At this point, no move toward that has been noted.

Being a competitor, Punk still wants to prove to the world that he can make it in the UFC. Despite the fact that he got off on the wrong foot, the UFC bosses have been mum on giving him another chance. If one comes, it would be an undercard and most likely his last chance.