During the Hall H panel at Comic-Con, Warner Bros. announced and re-announced several films for the future, but one stood out, and that's "Flashpoint." For those who are wondering, "Flashpoint" is a comic book storyline with the Flash at the main character.

There’s a good chance this Flash movie is setting up something explosive that could have some serious ramifications for the DCEU

What is 'Flashpoint' all about?

In the comic books, Barry Allen, popularly known as The Flash, witnessed the death of his mother when he was a young boy. His father was sent away to prison for the crime, but as it turned out, the real killer was the Reverse Flash.

Apparently, this Flash villain returned to the past by means of time travel in a bid to make sure Barry Allen never survives to manhood.

Fortunately, the plan failed, and Allen’s mother found herself in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Years into the future, The Flash traveled back in time to save his mother. He succeeded but managed to change the world for the worst. Keeping his mother alive means Barry didn’t become the Flash, and her living caused some significant changes in the world of DC.

For example, Bruce Wayne didn’t become the Batman. In fact, instead of his parent's murder in the alley, he died instead. His father, Thomas Wayne, witnessed the entire ordeal and chose to become the Batman.

He elected to become a hero who kills criminals while using guns. As for Martha Wayne, she became the Joker.

Other superheroes and villains are a part of the story, but most are not their original selves. Because of this, the world is in chaos as war broke out between the Amazons and Atlantis. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are enemies, and Superman as a baby didn’t make it to the Kent farm, but instead a government facility.

Will 'Flashpoint' impact the DECU in a big way?

"Flashpoint" might turn out to be the most important movie in the DC Extended Universe, and mainly because it has the potential to turn the entire universe on its head. Even if Warner Bros. isn’t interested in completely adapting the story from the comic books, there’s quite a lot to be done with a movie that has the power to make a difference.

With rumors running rampant of Warner Bros. making moves to get rid of Ben Affleck’s Batman in favor of a younger actor, "Flashpoint" is likely the perfect candidate to introduce a new Batman to the world.

At the end of the day, however, fans just want a beautiful film, and Warner Bros. should focus more on that rather than changing the universe.