One of the most entertaining movies of 2017 so far is the "LEGO Batman Movie." The film took the character introduced in "The LEGO Movie" and allowed him to run free in his own world while introducing just about every character in the Batman universe.

However, the conservative group LifeSiteNews is cautioning parents that the movie is full of "pro-gay propaganda" and is attempting to indoctrinate children into gender ideology. Those words basically mean that this group is accusing the movie of trying to convert children.

LEGO Batman and Robin

The first complaint about the movie is one that actually added a lot of heart to the movie.

Robin is Dick Greyson, a child whose parents died and he then lived in a children's orphanage. He convinces Bruce Wayne to adopt him and then gets very happy when he learns that Bruce Wayne lives in Batman's attic. He excitedly says that he went from having no dad to having two dads.

According to the conservative watch site, the relationship between Dick and Bruce will have kids asking "awkward questions" about why it is so good to have two dads. Instead of seeing this as an orphan finally finding a home, the critic blasted the idea of having two dads instead of a typical family unit.

LEGO Batman and Joker

Next up is the "bromance" between Batman and Joker. The comedy from this came with Joker wanting to be Batman's main arch-enemy but Batman saying he fights around.

The entire conceit comes into play when the movie shows that LEGO Batman has an affinity for chick flicks and this entire relationship with Joker comes straight from that genre.

Instead of seeing the humor in that, the conservative site states that Batman broke up with the Joker and that the two need to re-create their relationship to create a new family unit.

LEGO Batman and his grown-up jokes about Robin

Finally, the conservative watch site didn't think the jokes in "The lego batman movie" were funny and were just subliminal messages to push its pro-gay ideology. According to the site, the joke where Richard Greyson said that kids call him "dick," Bruce Wayne says kids can be cruel. While that was a funny joke, the site points out the "anatomical joke."