"Westworld" is an HBO series created by Johnathan Nolan and Lisa Joy; a TV adaptation of the movie of the same name released in 1973. This series isn't the first attempt at a TV adaptation as one prior to this was released in the 1980's. "Westworld" follows the story of a technologically advanced amusement park run by android hosts who will not show violence against the high paying park guests. The series released its first season back in 2016 and the trailer for the second season was released at San Diego Comic-Con. Casting includes actors such as Evan Rachel Wood, Thandie Newton, James Marsden, and Luke Hemsworth.

The trailer showcased what is to come

The trailer begins with two minutes of dialogue free content as the camera pans across the damage and bloodshed caused in season one's finale. The focus in the first few minutes is on the massacre that occurred. While there is no dialogue of any kind from any of the characters shown in the trailer there are glimpses of what the characters may be up to. It shows Dolores riding a horse and firing a gun at a group of people who are fleeing on foot

The trailer also shows a grief stricken humanoid Bernard staring at a dead tiger. He appears to be assisting the "Westworld" security in locating hosts in what may be a host-hunting mission. Overall the trailer is light on the details of Season 1 and does not go into much detail about the plot of Season 2.

It appears that the characters will be dealing with the outcome of the massacre in their own ways.

Show runners are remaining tight lipped about the second season

According to Rolling Stone, the second season of the show has only been in production for a few weeks. It was confirmed that "Westworld" will be returning in 2018 but as of yet there is no timeline in place for the series.

While the cast and show runners did appear at the San Diego Comic-Con, they were hesitant to reveal too much about the second season of the show. They want fans to experience the shock of what will be happening after the Season 1 finale and are remaining tight lipped about the events of the second season.

The fans were given the information that the cast will be gaining two new additions.

Actors Neil Jackson and Johnathan Tucker were announced as two new actors to join on the show. They will be taking on the roles of a lost wanderer and a military commander.

There has been no release date confirmed for the second season of "Westworld." The show runners have stated that they are being very ambitious in the kind of material they want for the show's second seasons. Fans will have to wait for an official statement regarding the release date.