Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had a tough time the past year, what with all the ordeals that they had to go through when they decided to split. However, each half of the former power-couple seems to be recovering in their way, and there appears to be no indication of the two harboring resentments or being at odds with each other.

Breaking the silence: Angelina Jolie's first major interview since the split

Brad Pitt has had no lack of public appearances; giving interviews and even starring in the Netflix original movie "War Machine." But according to The Hollywood Reporter, only recently did Angelina Jolie give a major interview for Vanity Fair.

Her interview and cover issue, called "Angelina Jolie Solo," was symbolic of the 42-year-old actress breaking her silence regarding a variety of issues. In it, she talked about her relationship with Brad, their children, how she felt about the whole thing, and what fans should expect from her moving forward.

One of the issues she addressed was the rumors that their being a "globe-trotting family" affected the relationship between family members as a whole. Jolie denied this rumor, saying that this was "not the problem." She also believes that their lifestyle choices were "wonderful opportunities" for the children.

In any case, she thought the kids had been brave, considering all that they had to go through in the past year.

Jolie recalled how she was worried about her mother when she was growing up and said that she does not want the same sense of worry to be instilled in her children. She deems it important that the children know everything is going to be alright, and little practices — like being careful not cry in front of them — help her to attain this attitude.

The actress has a new home!

Angelina Jolie assured readers that she has been working with Brad Pitt towards the same goal, and one of those is prioritizing the well-being of the children.

The actress also talked about her new home, which was an estate previously owned by renowned filmmaker Cecille B. DeMille. The place was grand indeed, totaling 11,000 square feet in area, and boasting ten bathrooms and six bedrooms.

The house was listed for $25 million, and Jolie confesses that the house was such a big leap for them. She believes it is part of the healing process and says that everyone is doing whatever they can to heal the family.

Angelina Jolie also talked about the state of her health and her future in the Vanity Fair interview.