Last week on "The Bold and the Beautiful," Caroline Spencer returned to LA. Now that her baby daddy Thomas is dating Sally Spectra, Ms. Spencer is seeing him differently. Spoiler alerts indicate that on Monday she will enlist the help of her uncle Bill Spencer in order to take Thomas away from Sally.

Caroline knows Thomas is not in love with her

Caroline left town with her son Douglas and had been happy with Thomas coming to visit them in New York. At this point, there was nothing romantic between the couple. They were connected solely because of their son.

The only reason Ms. Spencer came back to LA was the picture that Steffy painted regarding Sally. She gave Caroline the impression that Sally was a trouble making gold digger who had bewitched her brother. And emphasized the point that little Douglas needs both parents.

Steffy's manipulation worked as Caroline took the bait and immediately came back home. The two women discussed how they were going to get Thomas away from Sally and "Spectra Fashions." Steffy later went to see Bill Spencer and fill him in on her plans. Bill was not too keen on his niece reuniting with Thomas, but he would do anything to obtain the property where the Spectra building resides.

While Thomas was visiting his son, Caroline let him know she wanted another chance for the three of them to be a family.

Thomas emphasized to the mother of his son that he was with Sally. Now a desperate Caroline is going to talk to her uncle Bill about keeping Thomas And Sally apart. Bill will agree because it suits his selfish agenda.

The fallout between Spectra, Forrester, and Spencer will be huge

Last week Thomas challenged his sister to a swimsuit fashion show duel in Montecarlo and she reluctantly agreed.

Models from both "Forrester Creations" and "Spectra Fashions" will battle it out on the runway for charity at the Spencer Summit. Caroline and Steffy will do all they can to sabotage Sally and bring Thomas back home where they believe he belongs. Bill Spencer will be on hand to cover the event.

Dollar Bill, of course, will do everything in his power to get revenge on Thomas and Sally for interfering with his purchase of the Spectra building.

Sally Spectra is the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She was not raised in luxury to inherit a fashion dynasty like Steffy. She has no uncle who owns a multimillion dollar publishing company. Sally stole Forrester designs and cost them millions of dollars in profits.

Steffy believes Sally has cast a spell on her brother, coaxing him into working with her and leaving the family business. Caroline is a spoiled rich girl who only wants Thomas because she feels Sally took him away from his son. Now she is crying to her uncle Bill to help her get Thomas back. Stay tuned because Monte Carlo is going to be fun. The rivalry between the companies, as well as the love triangle, will be epic.