On Tuesday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful, " an ugly truth came to light for Eric Forrester. He had to acknowledge that his wife and son admitted they have been lusting for one another and shared a few kisses. Eric becomes enraged and kicks his spouse to the curb. To add insult to injury, he does it in front of the one woman who should not be in the equation, Sheila Carter.

Sheila gets the upper hand on Quinn

Sheila Carter manipulated Charlie in order to validate her suspicions that Quinn was not the right woman for Eric. Her insinuations led Ridge and Quinn to show up at Eric's house while Sheila was there.

They admitted to Eric that they had been fighting feelings, but had never given in to them. Eric was livid and blasted the both. He brought up that Ridge was his step-son.

Shelia was standing by with a smug look on her face. She began to interject her opinion into the conversation taking place between the father and son. Ridge asked why she was still there, but Ms. Carter did not budge. Before Eric could say much more, Ridge received a phone call telling him R.J. had been in an accident, so he abruptly left the house. Eric, at this point, let all of his aggression out on Quinn.

Quinn gets what she deserves

Eric accused his wife of betrayal even though she kept insisting it was nothing more than a few kisses.

Shelia Carter continued to watch and give her opinion. Quinn eventually asks the same question as Ridge. She wants to know why Sheila is still there. When Eric yells "get out," Quinn assumes he is talking to Ms. Carter, so she tells Sheila to leave. Quinn is clearly shocked when her spouse tells her that it's not Sheila he wants to leave, but it is Quinn who needs to remove herself from his property.

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Quinn begs and pleads with her husband, but he will not relent. The look on Eric's face lets his wife know there is no choice except to obey. With her head down, she walks past her gleeful nemesis Sheila Carter, out the door and out of Eric's life. This is sweet justice for the woman who came to town ruining the lives of everyone she met.

Quinn pushed Ivy off a bridge to distract Liam so he would be late meeting Steffy.

For a time, Quinn threatened Liam's life and later kidnapped him. She then manipulated Steffy so she would marry Wyatt. Quinn pushed Deacon off a cliff so he would not tell that she was holding Liam captive. Now, she has been bested by crazy Sheila. Eric has put his wife out of the house, along with Ridge out of his life, at least for now.