Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that big revelations are in store during the week of July 3rd through the 7th. Sheila Carter is going to cause much drama for the Forrester family. She will go to Eric with her suspicions regarding Quinn and Ridge, turning his world upside down. To add insult to injury, Eric's wife and son will later confirm what Sheila told him and Eric is going to be devastated.

Sheila has an agenda

Quinn and Ridge have been in panic mode for weeks. They have not given in to their passion but numerous people suspect there is something between them.

Now Shelia Carter is on the loose and closing in. Sheila came back to town with an agenda to reclaim Eric Forrester. Immediately she began to read into things that were said regarding her ex-husband's current wife. Now according to spoilers, Ms. Carter is going straight to her former spouse with her suspicions.

It's not clear whether or not Shelia is aware that Eric had a heart attack last year. This should be a consideration because telling him about his wife and son could cause Mr. Forrester's health to have a setback. Shelia had been pointing out the portrait of Quinn hanging on the wall in Eric's home. Perhaps she is envisioning one day having a picture of herself as the lady of the manor.

The truth finally will be revealed

Spoiler alerts state that Ridge and Quinn will finally come clean to Eric but it will only be after Sheila has spoken to him first. These two have been dancing around each other week's and increasing the number of people who are suspicious. Katy and Brooke know the duo have kissed. Charlie saw Quinn wiping her lipstick off of Ridge and has been watching theme ever since.

Now Sheila Carter is like a dog with a bone and will not let go of her concern that Eric is being played.

Now Sheila Carter is like a dog with a bone and will not let go of her concern that Eric is being played. It's very interesting to note that there has been no adultery only flirting yet everyone is carrying on as if here has been a full blown affair.

For Eric, the blow may be just as hard. Having to acknowledge that his wife and his son have been lusting after each other will not be easy.

Will Eric forgive Ridge and Quinn or banish them from his home? Will he thank Shelia and appreciate her honesty or be angry that she is starting trouble again? Will Ridge and Quinn be thrust together and finally give in to their passion or will they remain strong because of their love for Eric?" "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers have not yet given those details but stay tuned because they are sure to come.