It looks as if love has its way of returning home! A report from E! News has confirmed that Lauren Bushnell is back on the dating game with her former boyfriend, Devin Antin. A source has further told E! News that Antin is one lucky guy for finally getting back to Bushnell. It was also confirmed that both used to share a romantic Relationship prior to Bushnell's engagement with Higgins.

Bushnell and Antin were also known to be close friends before they started filming the series, "The Bachelor." Apparently, their friendship had recently taken its romantic flip. Further, it has been believed that both are now taking things slowly.

Rekindling an old romance

Following her break up from Higgins, the news about her romance with Antin started to rage online. It has been believed that both have been dating very seriously. It was a quick turn around and everyone just learned about it when Bushnell went to Los Angeles. To recall, Bushnell and Antin used to hang out with friends before. However, a lot was surprised when their friendship has turned into something romantic.

Apparently, it has been less than two months since Bushnell has canceled her engagement from Higgins. Fans were happy after learning that the actress has been moving forward from her past relationship. It was also known that Bushnell has also got back with her former boyfriend, Sean Evans before she rekindles her romance with Antin.

Evans and Bushnell had also dated for several months but had called it quits back in 2015. Hence, this drew the speculations that the TV actress has finally moved on through the help of her new spark which happened to be someone from her past.

Fourth of July

As the news started to rage online, most of their fans believed that the rumored couple shared the celebration during the annual Fourth of July tradition.

A photo was also spotted in the Instagram account of the Portland-native and everyone started to believe that the relationship they have is something beyond ordinary.

Both were also spotted attending the Los Angeles Dodgers game. Hence, it is already a clear manifestation that Bushnell and Antin have chosen to rekindle their old flame. Amid the news, both are yet to give comments about their romance rumors.

For the meantime, Bushnell has also kept herself mum with these speculations. Nevertheless, her fans have been happy as they learned that the actress has finally found her new spark.

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