The trailer of “Teen WolfSeason 6B debuted at San Diego Comic-con, and only one word can describe the upcoming episode: terrifying. Over the years, the series showed the viewers what supernatural creatures are capable of. Situations involving wolves, banshees, ghost riders, chimera, and much more not of this world, can lead to an actual blood bath.

However, it seems like the production of the said MTV series is planning to have a different take on who is the real big bad this upcoming season 6B – Humanity.

Humanity dominates ‘Teen Wolf’ Season 6B

The MTV series is set to return on Sunday, July 30. Beacon Hills witnessed lots of scenarios, good and bad, with Scott (Tyler Posey) and his pack trying to protect their hometown. Unfortunately, season 6B is not about whom, what abilities a person possesses or why he or she stands out among the others.

It is going to be about one’s fear that can make or break you. According to Carter Matt, the timing of the show’s trailer is not a surprise or even a coincidence. Beacon Hills has been defined by fear for almost forty years.

The fear is base on things that are different as humanity becomes the greatest threat this season. As per the earlier source, a group of people will once again hunt down werewolves until the very last of their kind.

One can recall this has happened already with Hunters like the Argents.

For now, it is yet to be confirmed if they have something to do with the new villains. Still, the trailer shows that Gerard Argent (Michael Hogan) knows something after giving some advice to Scott and his friends to run for their lives.

Meanwhile, the body counts in the trailer are shown on the streets and even at Beacon Hills High school.

It seems like they are willing to do whatever it takes just to make the town a wolf-free one.

Other possible villains in season 6B

Malia (Shelley Hennig) asked Scott, “What is everyone afraid of?” He answered back, “Us.” This is the first answer for potential villains, and they see it as the perspective of Beacon Hills’ local citizens.

The second one is an alleged spider-monster as Lydia (Holland Roden) was seen entering a place full of web.

Furthermore, these events will hopefully not lead to extinction. After all, viewers still dream of a happy ending for Scott and the rest of the characters. The complete series of the show will be available on DVD in October. Share your thoughts about “Teen Wolf” Season 6B in the comment section below.