Kailyn Lowry is getting ready to give birth to her third child, something she decided she wanted to do for herself. Lowry had just gotten divorced from Javi Marroquin when she decided that she should get pregnant. Within 6 months of finalizing her divorce from Marroquin, she announced that she was pregnant. She opened up on her website about her decision to get pregnant, revealing that the doctor told her that she should get pregnant soon if she wanted to have another baby.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now revealing that a friend of hers is having Triplets.

For the longest time, Kailyn has been talking about having just one baby, but it sounds like having triplets sounds exciting for this "Teen Mom 2" star. One can imagine that Lowry is excited that she's not dealing with a triplets situation, as she's planning on having this baby by herself.

Three babies is a reason to get excited

Even though Kailyn Lowry is pregnant with just one child, she's excited about her friend who is having triplets. Having triplets is definitely something to celebrate, as she's excited about what the future will bring. One can imagine that Kailyn's baby will have several playmates. Plus, one can hope that her friend has some help to care for the three babies and not be in Lowry's situation.

Lowry has been somewhat secretive about her plan to become a single mother. Rather than focus on her child's future and what could possibly come from not having a father figure, Kailyn has been focusing on all of the cute products that she's been buying.

For example, she's been gushing about the baby blankets and monthly milestone gifts for photo shoots she's purchased.

Kailyn will be a single mother

For months, Kailyn Lowry hasn't said anything about her plan to raise the baby by herself. Lowry is convinced that she can handle three children by herself, including raising a newborn baby.

They can be a handful, but it probably helps that she has wrapped up her schooling in May.

With a degree in her hand, she may be able to get a job as soon as her unborn baby can go to daycare. However, Kailyn may have the money saved up to be a stay-at-home mother with her three children for a while. She may not be in a rush to return to the job market.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's decision to avoid discussing her own pregnancy and Chris Lopez? Are you surprised that she's excited about her friend having triplets, even though one baby is tough enough?