Things are not good between "Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara. The two are in a constant family feud over Jenelle's young son Jace. It has been a battle of wills for the past several years, and it doesn't appear to be settling down anytime soon.

Barbara Evans claims she is the best choice as guardian for Jenelle's son

The latest family blow up has to do with Jenelle's son Jace's 8th birthday. At a time when most families could find it in their hearts for the child to put their differences aside, this has just fueled the feud even more.

Barbara Evans knew full well what she was doing when she posted a photo of Jenelle's son Jace enjoying his 8th Birthday Party celebration with some of his friends.

Jenelle plans to take her mom back to court soon

Barbara Evans captioned the photo “Jace having his eight-year-old Birthday Party today with his friends Great Day!!!” This was an apparent direct dig at her estranged daughter, whom she banned from her grandson's birthday party. According to Radar Online, Jenelle claims her "Mom" is just upset that she was not invited to her wedding. This was just her way of seeking some form of revenge and a way to attempt to hurt Jenelle by having her own party for Jace.

Who can blame Jenelle for steering clear of her mother?

Jenelle has made it clear that the two will never have any sort of relationship after all her mother has done. There have been numerous court battles over the years between the two women. Jenelle wants custody of her son back. Barbara is not willing to let Jace go.

It is a sad situation between Jenelle and her mother, but bridges have been burned.

Jenelle feels she is fully capable of caring for her son Jace on her own now. She has paid a high price for the mistakes she has made in her youth.

What started off as Barbara Evans believing to be the best thing for Jace has turned ugly, and bitter and will stay that way. As previously reported Jenelle had made a little progress with the courts a few months back when she was granted more visitation with Jace.

Jenelle has stated many times that she plans to head back to court in the future, but for now, she just wants to take a break from all the legal drama.

As the mother of two other children, Jenelle states that she will have a family celebration with Jace to celebrate his birthday during her next visitation. Jenelle's mom is also upset about how her daughter portrayed her in her new tell-all book, “Read Between the Lines: Diary of a Teenage Mom." The young mother spared no feelings and did not mince words as she told her story and how her mom tricked her into giving her custody of her son.

Do you agree that Jenelle Evans should continue to fight for her son? It won't be too many more years before Jace is going to have a say in where he lives. Who do you believe he will choose?