Sylvester Stallone has wished his fellow action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger happy birthday on his Facebook and Twitter account with a really touching speech and a mind-blowing picture. He shared a double photo when Arnold Schwarzenegger was at his glorious bodybuilding days and Stallone himself was on the set of ''Rambo: First Blood Part II.''

He wrote in the caption, '' HAPPY BIRTHDAY ARNOLD!!!! As long as you live and beyond, you’re always going to be the “BIG MAN ” Who set the bar so high that it will never be surpassed, an action hero legend!”

Sylvester Stallone's best friend

Arnold Schwarzenegger is his best friend and even though he is busy with his political campaigns, his charities or his new movie ''Aftermath'' they went out to party hard.They were seen at a dancing club smoking their cigars and dancing with the crowd.After that, he shared a video on Facebook talking about how real men light their cigar.

It seems acting isn't their only skill! Sylvester Stallone made it very clear in the past that he hangs out with his best friend Arnold at least two or three times a week. Now let's all see those two legends showing off their dancing skills in front of hundreds of people:

Arnold Schwarzenegger's thoughts of aging

Barbara Outland Baker, a former girlfriend of Arnold's said in an interview what was Arnold Schwarzenegger thinking through the years while aging “He just wants to be number one, in whatever context. He would do anything to sustain it. But the aging process ... it’s never welcome. I think deep inside him there is some discomfort: What am I supposed to do with this journey? I only want to be number one.

If not number one, what am I supposed to do?''

In the professional field, the 70 years old former governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger might work again with Sylvester Stallone in the upcoming sequel ''Escape Plan 2 Hades'', where Arnold is rumored to bring back his character Rottmayer. It is also rumored that Sylvester Stallone might do ''The Expendables 4'' movie after all since he started making sequels for his movies like ''Creed'' and ''Escape Plan''.

This is not unlikely because Stallone shared a picture of his notebook with 439 pages for his next movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger stated in the past that he wants Stallone to make another ''Expendables'' movie and that he will only appear in the film if Stallone is in it! The only thing he asked was to make it bloody, the biggest R-rated film of the year.