It's been more than a couple of years since One Direction decided to break up. Louis Tomlinson and the rest of the band parted their ways and made their own solo careers. As all of them try to deviate from their One Direction roots, fans of the band still wish that someday, the hiatus will end. Tomlinson said that the reunion might not happen at any time soon and revealed who's holding it back.

One Direction breakup

Tomlinson revealed that the breakup was an uncomfortable time for the band. As the leader of the group, he tried to keep the group together to the best of his capabilities.

He revealed the reason for 1D's hiatus for the first time. His former bandmate Harry Styles wanted an indefinite break, which led to the tension within the group.

“I could feel that potentially it was going to be a break. What was difficult was trying to understand how long that might be." the singer-songwriter admitted in his world-exclusive interview with The Sun. He also revealed that even though the band has grown a friendship with each other, there will be a time when members will have to make selfish decisions. Though he admitted that the breakup was difficult to accept at first.

After 18 months of going solo, Tomlinson admitted that his mind changed after the launch of his solo career.

When asked if he thinks the breakup was a wrong decision, he answered that he doesn't think it was.

“I think the market and the fans and everyone had had so much of One Direction that regardless of any individual ventures, the market could do with a two-, three- or however long break away from us.” he answered to The Sun.

Tomlinson also stated that a reunion is very unlikely.

With Harry Styles' entry on the big screen, Tomlinson stated that Styles might not be doing music projects any time.

Tomlinson's say on his 1D stay

The singer also talked about his stay in the "X Factor" competition with One Direction. Admitting that he somehow struggled in finding his role in the band, he added that he suffered crippling insecurity.

He loves the band and will forever admire the feats of One Direction, but he also explained that he felt he was the "forgettable, to a certain degree" and is always measuring himself against his bandmates.

"A lot of people can take the p*** out of that. But when you actually think about how that feels, standing on stage every single week, thinking: "What have I really done to contribute here?" the singer admitted on one of his interview with The Observer.

'X Factor' and Simon Cowell

After Simon Cowell did not give Tomlinson the judge role to him on The X Factor, Tomlinson also voiced out his frustrations in The Sun's interview.

"It was kind of surprising to see me essentially being replaced by Louis Walsh," the Doncaster-born singer admitted. Though he also revealed that he has no hard feelings toward Cowell.