Someone is joining the cast of "Supergirl." It is "Smallville" alum, Erica Durance. According to Entertainment Weekly, Durance will be joining the cast for a major story arc. While some might expect Durance to play the role of Lois Lane, she will actually be playing the role of Kara's late mother, Alura. Originally, Laura Benanti was the actress who played the role of Alura. The major recast has been mainly attributed to Benanti's busy schedule, which clearly took a toll in the series' plot. Benanti previously played the role of twins Alura and Astra in "Supergirl." However, due to her busy schedule and other commitments on Broadway, Astra's character was written off in season 1.

In season 2, Alura was seen less and less, which might have prompted the showrunners to recast, giving the role to someone else who can dedicate more time to filming the series. The executive producer of "Supergirl," Andrew Kreisberg, admitted that they had to replace Laura Benanti because of her commitments in New York.

Erica Durance to the rescue

According to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer of "Supergirl" revealed that Erica Durance herself volunteered for the role of Alura when she knew that Laura Benanti would be letting go of the role. The 39-year old actress is not the first "Smallville" alum to work on "Supergirl."

Laura Vandervoort also made an appearance in "Supergirl" as the villain Indigo.

It was quite ironic for Vandervoort to play the role of a villain in "Supergirl" considering that she actually played the role of the titular character in "Smallville."

Season 3 spoilers

Aside from the major recast in the series, "Supergirl" season 3 spoilers reveal that Kara might be facing off with another Kryptonian in the upcoming episodes.

According to Christian Post, a Kryptonian will bring chaos to Earth as it decides to mess with Kara.

The Kryptonian is said to be a powerful creature from Kryptonite named Reign. According to Den Of Geek, Reign's character in "Supergirl" will be the same character that belongs to the Worldkillers in DC Comics. How powerful is Reign, and how damaging could her existence be to Kara?

When Krypton was destroyed, everyone was killed except for five creatures, and Reign was one of them. The arrival of a fellow Krypton will surely bring more chaos and color to Supergirl's adventures."Supergirl" will return to the small screen on October 9 on The CW.