[Author's Note: This article contains spoilers for "Spider-Man: Homecoming."] The newest adventure featuring Peter Parker is out, and many praised the movie. It seems like fans got the Spider-Man movie they have all been waiting for, and it is also part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, finally! Now, there's no doubt that many enjoyed the movie as it is, but observant fans would have gotten a kick out of a subtle insidejoke or two. As playful as the protagonist of the movie, folks from Variety found out that "Spider-man: Homecoming" was littered with Easter Eggs!

A homage to one of the oldest on-screen adaptations

The movie starts throwing easter eggs immediately at its first few seconds of play — audiences must have been surprised at finding out that they're not getting the usual Marvel logo opening. Well, they are getting the visuals, but the background music is different, and not the usual one that they use for MCU films.

Most viewers could have dismissed this as another quirky design choice; long-time Spidey fans will know better. The music is a shout-out to the character's long history, as the music used in the opening is the theme from the 1967 Spider-Man cartoon!

School is cool... and so are the new characters!

When it comes to the characters, "Spider-man: Homecoming" did some nice twists. This is seen with some of Peter's classmates and other people at school.

The film is set with Parker in high school, and after all school is supposed to be a big part of his life in this one.

First off, Ned Leeds. Fans of the comic will know that Leeds is the guy who will eventually turn into one of Spidey's many villains, the Hobgoblin. But in the film, Leeds is Peter's best friend. Knowing what we know now, it is quite unlikely that Leeds will turn into the villain, but it's still early, and we won't know how his character will develop.

Flash Thompson is notable for actually being consistent throughout. He's still the bully, and there's also a love triangle here, except it's just not with MJ. Flash and Peter's love interest is Liz Allan. She is a woman based on a character who debuted at the same time as Spidey himself, in "Amazing Fantasy #15" which first came out in 1962!

And speaking of MJ, one still makes an appearance in this movie, expect that she's no longer the primary love interest of Peter.

Also, she's not Mary Jane Watson, and in true easter egg fashion, the reveal tried to be subtle — even dismissive. The character was actually named Michelle (played by Zendaya), but in one of the scenes she says that friends call her "MJ."

"Spider-man: Homecoming" got a lot of positive reviews, and it's also nice that the creators left some of these little tidbits around. Here's to director Jon Watts and each and everyone who worked with the film for a job well done!

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