Katy Perry has received a lot of criticism for her part in a controversial advertisement in Australia. The star was there to promote her new album titled "Witness." While she was in Australia she shot an advertisement for Myer, a Department Store with whom she has a partnership. In the ad, Perry tells her dog to go chase Koalas. This statement disgusted animal lovers and activists as koalas are an endangered species. The ad has since been pulled and replaced.

Perry messes up

The star was shooting an advertisement for an Australian department store.

In the ad, Perry tells her dog to go chase some Koala's and this has sparked massive outrage. Animal protection agencies have criticized the singer for promoting such a disgusting act. According to the RSPCA in Queensland, the issue of dogs attacking Koala's is huge. Over 170 koalas have been brought to the rescue center with wounds from dog attacks.

The Independent reported that the department store has been forced to remove the advertisement due to the backlash. Myer marketing strategies will have to be reassessed after this collateral fail. Animal lovers have shamed the company and dubbed their marketing disgusting and insensitive. Myer has since replaced the controversial line in their advertisement with Perry telling her dog its time to go get her passport.

The star is a role model for young teenagers

Katy Perry is a very popular artist. She is renowned worldwide and as such has a massive job as a role model to young teenagers and adults. According to Claire Madden, a wildlife vet, both Perry and Myer have shown great ignorance when it comes to animal life and well being. Madden has stated that the advertisement undoes all of the hard work that they have been striving for.

The stars status as a role model has been called into question. Many of her fans are disappointed that she took part in this campaign which advocates for such violence. Perry's lack of concern for the content of the advertisement has affected her role model status. Myer has made a statement of intent to remove the advertisement

There has been no further comment from Myer or Perry.

Perry's representatives have been contacted for a statement but there has been no word from them either. Fans are deeply disappointed with Katy Perry and have taken to social media to express this. Many wildlife conservation programs have condemned the star and have stated that she has no right to encourage the hunting of such adorable creatures.