Twenty years after her untimely demise, Princess Diana continues to make people feel wistful. Prince William and Prince Harry’s candid and heart-wrenching revelations about their extraordinary mother was seen in the HBO documentary “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy.”

The new film was so touching it struck a chord in people who have shown appreciation and love for Diana. A big part of the documentary highlighted how loving a mother Princess Diana was.

Fun Princess Di

Princess Diana was a fun person, especially when with her kids. She was “a total kid” at heart.

“All I can hear is her laugh… in my head,” Prince Harry stated in the documentary. William stated that her mom was like a whiff of fresh air, exuding It in everything she did.

Indeed, “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” is a special way to pay homage to a great woman. Royal siblings Prince William and Prince Harry thought it was an excellent way to let people know their mom’s real character, even if, as Harry expressed, the pain of losing a loving mother was still raw.

The HBO project also served as a way of introducing Diana to new generations born after her death. Prince William said it was good to remember all the good things about his mother. In the documentary, he and his sibling were shown going over old snapshots of happy moments with their mom.

The documentary also showed rare footages not only of Princess Diana’s family but also friends.

Inspiration for the new generation

Lots of viewers readily felt the strong impact and positive influence of Princess Diana on her sons. Just recently, William expressed how he has kept his mother’s memory alive for his kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

Harry, for his part, is now in a seemingly serious relationship with “Suits” actress and humanitarian advocate Meghan Markle. He recently opened up about the years he repressed his feelings after his mother’s death, thereby highlighting the importance of speaking out and not overlooking mental health.

It is one thing to flip through magazines to see pictures of Princess Diana again, and quite another to view footages of her enjoying life with her sons and other people.

Prince William revealed it was the first time he and Prince Harry have spoken openly about Princess Di as a mother.

Produced by executive producer Nick Kent, “Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy” aired on ITV in the UK on July 24, generating favorable reviews. HBO has taken the US rights.