After dropping the first four episodes of "Steven Universe" Season 5, Cartoon Network's animated series went on hiatus. The turn of events and shocking revelations for the fifth season put fans at the edge.

There were twists and turns of events, including Steven's newly acquired powers. After developing his new powers in "Lars' Head," Steven mysteriously brought Lars back to life.

Pink Diamond's death

There are a lot of mysterious deaths surround "Steven Universe," and it all started with the death of Pink Diamond, which is surrounded by a lot of assumptions and theories. Some say that the one responsible for Pink Diamond's death is Yellow Diamond.

It will not be a surprise if the real murderer is Yellow Diamond, considering that this character is the show's main villain and also considering her rough relationship with Pink Diamond.

Rose Quartz as the Perpetrator

However, there are some fan theories pointing to Rose Quartz being responsible. This is connected to the young Steven standing before the Diamonds during the trial for the murder of that Rose Quartz allegedly committed. If the rumors are true, what is Steven's mother's motive to kill Pink Diamond?

There is a lot of evidence pointing out to Rose Quartz. In Season 3, Episode 23, Jasper told Rose Quartz "because of what you did to my diamond" before she was fully corrupted. In Season 1 Episode 8, there was a mural showing Rose Quartz fighting a White Diamond that looks exactly like Pink Diamond.

Diamonds vs the Gems

Other than the unveiling of the murderer behind Pink Diamond's death, the rest of the episodes for Season 5 will feature the epic battle between the Diamonds versus the Gems. Since it is speculated that "Steven Universe" Season 5 is the last season for the hit Cartoon Network show, Sugar guaranteed fans that this season will be a new and different kind of level.

Upon the show's return, it will feature the development of Steven as he takes his new role as the leader. This might be connected to his newly acquired powers. With the main protagonist's evolving character, fans are now excited to see what will be the other things he can do.

The release date

Since the fifth season is expected to be the last one for "Steven Universe," it might take a while for the show to resume. However, there were claims that the Cartoon Network series will return by August.

Whether this is true or not, fans will surely wait for the return of "Steven Universe" Season 5.