Fans are now definitely hanging as Steven UniverseSeason 5 is on a hiatus once again. The last episode viewers got to watch is “Lar’s Head” last May 29. Thus viewers are all waiting for the animated series’ continuation.

The show created by Rebecca Sugar for Cartoon Network usually has more than 20 episodes. In fact, its first chapter has 52 chapters that run from 2013 to 2015. Now that the fifth installment only aired four episodes, so far, fans are clamoring for more.

The animated series’ hiatus

According to reports, fans may have to wait for quite awhile before “Steven Universe” Season 5 officially returns on Cartoon Network.

However, the wait is said to be definitely worth it as the spoiler mill suggests the death of Pink Diamond will finally be solved. The mysterious murder of the Homeworld Gem will be continuing in the show’s upcoming episodes. In fact, Rebecca Sugar teased (via Christian Post) that fans will soon find out who is the real responsible for her demise.

The fans’ assumptions are quite divided as some think that the real offender might be the show’s main villain Yellow Diamond. On the other hand, some think that Rose Quartz is behind the murder. However, it might still take a month before viewers will finally see who the real perpetrator is that will solve the mystifying case.

Show’s possible ending

To recall, the previous season ended when Steven went to the Homeworld to save the gems and his human friends.

On the other hand, the continuation of the show's new chapter 5 was set to feature the epic battle between the Diamonds and the Gems.

However, it has been said that there is a big possibility that the fifth chapter will be the animated series’ swan song. In an interview with Newsrama (via Blasting News), Rebecca Sugar revealed that they are now discussing the show’s possible ending.

Nevertheless, Cartoon Network has promised that it will end the series with a bang to satisfy all the fans.

Steven’s return and superpower

There are swirling rumors that the new episodes of “Steven Universe” Season 5 will be unveiled in July.

But, as there are assumptions that the fifth chapter will be its final bow, its return might take longer than expected.

When fans finally see Steven back, Rebecca Sugar teased that they might witness his new superpower. In an interview with The Verge, the creator hinted that the show’s protagonist is about to realize that he has magic Gem powers.