After Cartoon Network dropped four episodes ofSteven UniverseSeason 5, the animated series goes on a hiatus. Fans are now left hanging as the network has yet to announce its official return.

They, too, are quite puzzled with the shows rapid twist and turn of events as they feel that Steven is holding a new power in its last episode, “Lars’ Head.” Here, the protagonist surprisingly brings Lars to life after he got abducted on the Gem Homeworld that leads to her death.

The mysterious death

With all the mysterious things happening in “Steven Universe” Season 5, which started with the death of Pink Diamond, its continuation is now very much anticipated.

The death of Pink Diamond is being surrounded with a lot of theories and assumptions.

Some say that Yellow Diamond is the one responsible for her death while others believe that it is Rose Quartz. However, the real perpetrator is said to be explored in the continuation of the animated series.

In fact, in an interview with the Rolling Stone, the show’s creator Rebecca Sugar hinted that the fifth chapter would have the “murder mystery” theme. This is to support the show’s effort to investigate the culprits behind the mysterious death of Pink Diamond. She even warned that the war in finding the real offender is not yet over.

A grand return

As the show's story is gradually shaping up, fans are expecting the return of “Steven Universe” Season 5 to be huge.

Just like what Rebecca Sugar said to Newsrama.

In another interview with the publication, the 30-year-old animator revealed that she has big plans for the animated series’ fifth season.

"Endgame or not I'm shooting for the moon,” she said. She also added that she’s going to continuously write “into a serious corner” about the series.

This might mean that they are taking the new season seriously into a new, different kind of level.

Additionally, the show’s return is said to feature the development of Steven’s character to become a leader. This might be the reason why he now has a healing power. As the protagonist is now newly evolved, fans may be surprised to see the things that he can do now.

CN goes to SDCC 2017

Meanwhile, Cartoon Network is going to grace the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con 2017 by selling exclusive merchandise of its famous animated series.

This includes “Adventure Time” Uglydoll plushies like Ox dressing up like Finn and Jeero as Jake the Human. Of course, “Steven Universe” memorabilia will also be seen at the event, such as two exclusive 3 inches TITAN vinyl collectibles featuring Steven himself. Other stuff that will be on display is a book of concept art and storyboards. Rebecca Sugar will also be present to host the panel discussion.