Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders urged those who oppose the GOP healthcare bill to continue rejecting the repeal during a rally in West Virginia He pointed out that the legislation must not pass the Senate and must be defeated.

The former presidential hopeful suggested that the GOP healthcare bill will not help Americans as it will threaten working class families. The Washington Examiner quoted Saunders as saying, "This bill is a moral outrage...It must be defeated. We should not be paying the highest prices in the world per capita for health care.

We should not be paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs."

Sanders also urged Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito

Sanders did not just urge the citizens in West Virginia but also talked to Republican Senator Shelley Moore Capito. He noted that GOP leaders in the Senate are making deals as they are desperate to get votes in order for the repeal to take place. The Republicans want to replace the Affordable Health Care Act, established by Democratic former President Barack Obama, with the American Health Care Act.

He directly addressed the West Virginia Senator pleading with her not to fall for the tricks of the other GOP members. He stressed that the American Health Care Act will do a lot of damage to the United States and nothing could undo the expected damage.

Sanders pointed out that Capito’s vote against the bill would help defeat the planned repeal.

Capito said in a statement through her office that she will do what she think is best for her citizens. She is one of the Republican senators who openly opposed the proposed new health care bill. If three of the 52 Republicans will vote against the bill, on top of all the Democrats, it will no longer push through.

It is unclear how many Republicans will not vote in favor of the new health care bill.

Sanders reaches out to the Congress

The Vermont Senator also talked about what Congress could do instead of repealing the Affordable Health Care Act. He described ObamaCare as far from perfect but the Congress could use their time and effort improving it rather than removing it totally from the system, The Washington Post shared.

Sanders said that people should not pay the highest price for health care or for prescription drugs. He believes that is exactly what the American Health Care Act would do. In the coming weeks, citizens of the United States will know whether or not the bill will become law.