"Star Trek: Discovery" is a new series which was created by Bryan Fuller and Alex Kurtzman. The series will be the first of the franchise since 2005 when "Star Trek: Enterprise" concluded. The series is based on a decade before the events of the original series. This gives the creators the room to explore different aspects to the series fans have not been exposed to before. The series follows the Federation-Klingon cold war and how the crew of the USS Discovery is involved in this. Casting includes such actors as Sonequa Martin-Green, Terry Serpico, James Frain and Doug Jones.

The Federation-Klingon

"Star Trek: Discovery" follows the adventures of the crew of the USS Discovery. The series focuses on the Federation Klingon war at least ten years before the original series. According to io9, the Klingons are rising to try and take the place of important in the galaxy. The Starfleet will do everything in their power to prevent this from happening. It has been confirmed that the Klingon characters will be speaking in their native tongue with subtitles in English to translate onscreen.

In the trailer released at the San Diego Comic Convention the Klingons were seen speaking English in the trailer. However, this was simply to make it easier for an international audience.

Jason Issacs plays the character of Captain Lorca on board the USS Discovery, and he revealed that he would be making a lot of decisions surrounding this conflict between the Federation and the Klingons.

The loss of Bryan Fuller

"Star Trek: Discovery" has had some difficulties in the series production. This stemmed from the untimely death of show creator Bryan Fuller.

The cast and crew of the series spent some time mourning the loss of their friend while the overseers of the series tried to change things around in the wake of Fuller's absence. However, CBS appears to have pulled through the difficulties and judging by the trailer have created a great series.

The franchise has a huge cult following.

The original series first began in 1966 and since then has to lead to several more TV adaptations and movies. Fans are delighted at the prospect of "Star Trek: Discovery" which will act as a further exploration of the famous universe.

"Star Trek: Discovery" has received one season as of yet. The air date for the series has been confirmed as September 24th. Fans can not wait to see the latest addition to the popular franchise.