The new "Star Trek" series "Star Trek: Discovery" will premiere at the end of this summer or at the beginning of autumn, according to Hollywood Reporter. CBS' president Leslie Moonves said at a conference for media and telecommunications that they don't want to rush the project because there is much to do in post-production.

The launch of the series 'Star Trek: Discovery' has been postponed several times

Originally scheduled to be launched in January this year, the show has been delayed several times, mainly because of Bryan Fuller's departure from the position of coordinator of the show.

Leslie Moonves said that the TV series, being produced in Toronto, will not be rushed to be released. Moonves thinks it's important to do it properly because the famous show is "the jewel in the family."

A new approach to Star Trek

The project called "Discovery" proposes a new approach to this classic of science fiction with a new crew, new characters, and new worlds. Leslie Moonves said that the TV series has a huge fan base who cannot wait to watch the show on the Cbs All Access subscription service digital channel. He mentioned that they are getting many emails each day because the fans are very anxious and they believe this is the perfect show for All Access.

For worldwide distribution, CBS has signed an agreement with Netflix, which will broadcast the TV series in 188 countries 4 hours after the American premiere.

The first episode of "Discovery" will be broadcasted on CBS' TV channel and the next ones will be watched on CBS All Access. The show will be the first TV series from the famous franchise after "Star Trek: Enterprise" ceased to be broadcast in 2005.

Jason Isaacs will serve as captain

Jason Isaacs has been cast as Captain Lorca in the TV series "Discovery," according to Deadline.

Jason Isaacs joins the list of actors who have played ship captains from the famous science fiction franchise. Other actors include: Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, Kate Mulgrew, Avery Brooks, and Scott Bakula.