"Once Upon A Time" is a TV series which explores fairy tale stories. The show was created in 2011 and has been running ever since. It was created by writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. The show lends to the Disney franchise as it includes such lovable characters as Snow White, Prince Charming, Rumplestiltskin and many other fairy tale characters. The series takes place in a town known as Storybrooke where the fairy tale characters have been sent by a powerful curse which has robbed them of their memories. With season 6's finale, many fans assumed the series would be at an end.

However, the show creators have confirmed there will be a seventh season to "Once Upon A Time".

New stories and adventures

According to Deadline, Season 7 of "Once Upon A Time" will be featuring brand new story lines and adventures. The show has confirmed that the executive producer David H. Goodman will be working with them on season 7. This is a huge relief to long time fans of the series as Goodman has been with the series since season 1. The producer has stated that the show will be going in a brand new direction. He stated that season 6 saw the end of some stories and that it was time for those stories to come to an end. Season 7 will be featuring new stories that the show did not get a prior chance to explore.

The cast of the hit series "Once Upon A Time" attended the San Diego Comic Con to make the announcement of the series return. According to PS, the show has only completed two episodes of season seven but they have a clear direction that they are going in. The creators of the show have revealed that season seven will revolve around the theme of fighting for what one believes in.

This offers a large scope for the writers of the show and is also a theme that the fans are excited for.

Returning cast members

Fans of "Once Upon A Time" are rejoicing that some of the cast members of the first six seasons will be returning in season 7. According to TV Live, Lana Parrilla, Colin O' Donoghue and Robert Carlyle will be series regulars in season 7.

There will also be a number of new actors being introduced to the show such as Dania Ramirez, Gabriella Anwar, and Andrew J. West. These new additions are coming from previous roles on TV shows such as "Devious Maids", "Burn Notice" and "The Walking Dead".

As of yet, there has been no confirmed release date for season 7 of "Once Upon A Time". The show is still in production and it may be another while before an official statement is released.