Victor Newman is perceived as the great and powerful Oz in Genoa City, He has eyes and ears everywhere, and not much gets by him. Spoilers indicate that this week he will show up at the hotel where Kevin and Chloe are hiding. Will the mustache express his anger and allow the couple to get a taste of his wrath? Or will he give them his blessing and send them on their way far from Genoa City?

Kevin and Chloe believed they had outsmarted everyone

When Kevin helped Chloe escape from the doctor Victor hired to care for her he thought he had a plan for them to be reunited with their daughter Bella.

Kevin left Chloe at the motel and went back to Genoa City alone. He convinced family and friends that he was moving to Portland Or. with Bella for a fresh start. Kevin insisted to Chloe they were safe because the doctor war could not turn the in without incriminating himself and get on Victor's bad side.

Victor had been preoccupied with the benefit concert for his wife Nikki and was never shown checking with the doctor regarding Chloe'sstatus. A logical assumption would be that the physician was able to untie himself and alerted Victor that Kevin had taken Chloe away. How Victor tracked the to the motel is not so easy to decipher.

The couple started out in the doctor's vehicle but by now are probably in Kevin's because they believe they are safe.

After hearing from the man, he hired to care for Chloe Victor may have put a tracking device in Kevin's car. "The Young and the Restless"writers, however, may never divulge how the Newman Patriarch found the runaways so easily. They seem to like giving the appearance that Victor Newman has god like qualities

Kevin and Chloe are headed out of Genoa City

Greg Rikkart who portrays Kevin is about to exit his role, so we know he will be leaving town.

The best scenario would be for Victor to give the Fisher family enough money to live on and never return to Genoa City. Chloe and Bella could ride off into the sunset with Kevin. This would mean that Victor's secrets would remain hidden at least for now.

Spoiler alerts have not said with certainty how the Fisher family will exit so fans must keep watching to see it play out.Esther and Gloria were beginning to have a truce because of their love for Bella.

The little girl was bringing the family closer together after the faked death of her mom Chloe. Once Kevin leaves for good Gloria and Esther will probably go back to being on opposite sides of every situation. It's kind of sad to think they may never see little Bella again.