For people who are wrapped up in the online world of entertainment where both news and gossip are on display 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and updated in real time, it seems strange to hear from people who don’t pay as much attention to that world. Christopher Nolan, the director of such movies as “The Dark Knight,” “Inception,” and the upcoming “Dunkirk,” is someone who works hard all the time and has little time to follow pop culture trends and gossip.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Christopher Nolan was talking about his new movie “Dunkirk” and said something that shocked a lot of fans who almost live online.

Nolan said that when he cast Harry Styles in his movie, he had no idea of the level of fame that Styles enjoyed and that the singer never mentioned it to him either.

Harry Styles

Harry Styles, for anyone else who doesn’t know, was part of one of the biggest pop bands in the world in One Direction. The problem is that, unless you are a fan of boy bands, watched reality competitions television shows, or follow the gossip rags online, you might not know who Styles is either. Styles left One Direction in 2016 and released a solo album. He also decided that he wanted to try his hand at acting.

Dunkirk” was actually the Hollywood acting debut of Harry Styles. It was a huge move, working with a critically acclaimed director like Christopher Nolan and alongside actors like Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, and Kenneth Branagh.

However, Nolan wasn’t the only person who was not aware of the level of fame of Styles from both One Direction and his solo career. Rylance, a 57-year-old Oscar winning actor, said that he only knew about Harry thanks to his 11-year-oold niece who was excited that her uncle was working with Styles.


When it comes to “Dunkirk,” Christopher Nolan has made a movie that tells the story of the legendary Dunkirk evacuation during World War II. Nolan will tell the story from three points of view – the land, air, and sea. The movie will contain very little dialogue and will instead tell most of the story through details from the filming and shots.

Harry Styles will play someone from the land portion of “Dunkirk.” According to Christopher Nolan, he had no idea that Styles was as popular as he was and just cast him because he fit the role “wonderfully.” He said that his kids talked about Styles and that is how he learned more about the singer but he said that, at the end of the day, Harry “earned a seat at the table” for the movie.

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