"The Bold and the Beautiful" really knows how to create a love triangle. Every time couples seem headed in the right direction they get hit out of left field. Just when things have begun working for Thomas Forrester and Sally Spectra, spoiler alerts indicate that Caroline is returning with little Douglas.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" stays true to form

One thing about "The Bold and the Beautiful" is the consistency of the storylines. In addition to there always being love triangles, you can count on the show to have an out-of-town character return to interfere with a popular couple.

Brooke came back to L.A. from Paris and caused problems in the marriage of Bill and Katie. Steffy came home and drove a wedge between Hope and Liam. Sheila Carter just returned and because of her, Eric kicked Quinn out of the house. Now Caroline Spencer is slated to return to town.

"The Bold and the Beautiful" certainly stays true to form. Having Caroline return, however, will not be good news for "Tally" fans. Thomas and Sally were just beginning to find their way with each other and now his baby mama will be back in L.A. Perhaps now viewers will see more of Sally's crew. Her Grandma Shirley and coworkers Saul and Darlita have been missed.

How will this triangle play out between Sally Thomas and Caroline

Early on, Shirley Spectra kept insisting that her granddaughter could not compete with the mother of Thomas Forrester's son. Shirley also pointed out that Caroline had good breeding while Sally is from the wrong side of the tracks. This would be a good time for Shirley, Darlitia, and Saul to get some screen time.

Saul and Shirey would probably once again fill Sally's head with doubt by pointing out all her flaws as opposed to the seemingly flawless socialite.

Will Caroline win back her baby daddy or will Sally's claws come out and Ms. Spencer head back to New York? Sally knows that Thomas loves his son and surely she realized that he would need to spend time with Douglas.

Having his ex in such close proximity is an entirely different story. The timing of Caroline Spencer's return is suspect.

Viewers may be wondering if Steffy Forrester gave her a call because she does not like Sally. Is Caroline coming back with an agenda or are her motives pure? Does Ms. Spencer have unresolved feelings for Thomas or is she simply missing LA? Be sure to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful" to find out. And keep up with Spoiler alerts for advance notices.