Big Brother 19” rumors indicate one houseguest feels production is helping Paul Abrahamian. That member of the “BB19” cast is Jessica Graf, who got into an argument with Paul on the live feeds about that topic. Late Saturday (July 8) and into early Sunday (July 9), Jessica was giving Paul a piece of her mind about her opinions on this season. Among them was her feeling that the game has been stacked up to give Paul a huge advantage over the rest of the houseguests.

As a recap for what Jessica may be referencing, America started off the season by awarding Paul the Pendant of Protection.

This guaranteed that he was safe from nomination and eviction for the first three weeks. Turn away readers, if you don’t want to learn some of the latest “Big Brother 19” spoilers. Paul became the Week 2 HOH thanks to help from Christmas Abbott during the competition and then he ended up winning the Power of Veto as well. This allows him to completely control the house.

Was Jessica Graf right about Paul Abrahamian having a clear advantage?

Any returning houseguest has an advantage in a game where America gets to vote on prizes or punishments. It was easily predictable, with many people doing it on social media, that Paul would get the first temptation of the season from the fans. He accepted the Pendant of Protection while placing a curse on Ramses Soto at the same time.

In that sense, it is certainly understandable why Jessica would feel production has helped Paul succeed.

At the Head of Household Competition, it was a very even playing field, meaning any of the “BB19” cast members could have won the power. It was almost entirely random how houseguests received tickets to exchange for the balls that they rolled toward the hole.

Several other houseguests even got very close to winning the HOH, but it was Paul Abrahamian who ended up winning. It was very clear, especially on the face of Jessica Graf, that she was not pleased.

Are there also disadvantages to returning houseguests?

While there had been “Big Brother 19” rumors for a while about Paul Abrahamian joining the cast this summer, being the only returning houseguest comes with its own disadvantages.

The cast could easily turn against him and get him out at the earliest opportunity. Even if he makes it to the Final Two this season, the “BB19” cast could then decide to award someone else that $500,000 prize. As long as houseguests don’t get star struck, they could bond together and force out any returners.

When it comes to winning this season, Paul is definitely in the driver’s seat. He can’t be evicted next week, so even though he won’t be participating in the next Head of Household Competition, he will already be safe from eviction. Jessica Graf isn’t so lucky, as she is competing for her life in the game, especially since Cody Nickson is about to get evicted. From that view, it’s easy to understand why she is frustrated, as the “Big Brother 19” season is not going the way her showmance had planned.