Erica Durance, the "Smallville" star, is set to replace Laura Benanti in the series, "Supergirl" season 3. It is believed that Benanti will be leaving the show after having portrayed the role as Alura for the past two seasons. A report from Entertainment Tonight has confirmed that the show felt unfortunate as Benanti leaves the show.

Andrew Kreisberg, the show's executive producer, has issued an official statement which reveals that Benanti will have other work commitments which will make her unable to play her role once more. Nevertheless, Kreisberg has considered everyone being blessed on the show for having her for the past two seasons.

Series’ tremendous success

Over the past two seasons, the executive producer was thankful for having Benanti on board. He added that she has helped the show made its tremendous success during the previous seasons. Meanwhile, as Durance is slated to replace her role, a report from Entertainment Tonight also revealed that she is no longer a stranger to the "Supergirl" series family.

To recall, Durance has also been part of "Smallville" for the past seven seasons. Hence, she already had proven the kind of talent she got in acting. It was also believed that Durance was not the first Lois Lane who will be joining the upcoming season of "Supergirl."

To recall, Teri Hatcher, "Lois and Clark" alum, has also joined the popular series back then.

Meanwhile, the upcoming season is also expected to reveal a new villain along with the new role that Durance will portray.

'Supergirl' meets new mother

Amid the new casting of "Supergirl" Season 3, the executive producer has shared that the cast members are finally ready to meet their new mom through Durance. Apparently, the production was saddened after learning that Benanti will no longer be part of the show.

However, they cannot do otherwise but to replace her role since she also has another commitment from New York that she needs to fulfill.

As for Durance, fans are very excited to see her into another series. To recall, she was once known for the role as Lois Lane in the famous series of "Superman." She was also part of the long-time running series, "Smallville," which started airing from 2001 until 2011.

Meanwhile, Durance has been grateful after being offered with such a role. On the other hand, the entire "Supergirl" crew will always be thankful to Benanti for portraying the best interpretation as Kara's mother during her stay in the entire run of the series.