Ryan Reynolds has been known for his expertise in the Twitter game. Just recently, the 40-year old actor has helped a fan to have revenge over her former boyfriend. Gabi Dunn, the fan who revealed that she just broke up with her former man, has made the best revenge as she edited her prom photo together with the veteran actor.

Apparently, it looked as if she took the famous actor down to her prom through the photo which surfaced online. Instead of wasting her tears over her ex-boyfriend, the young fan opted to photoshop her photo together with Reynolds while sending it to the actor at the same time.

Sweet revenge after break up

Dunn has revealed that her boyfriend has broken up with her few days before their prom date. Amid the pain she felt, the young fan made an awesome revenge through Reynolds. Following the edited photo, Dunn took to Twitter and posted her photo together with the "Deadpool" actor.

Dunn wrote a caption that says, My boyfriend and I broke up a few days after prom, so I decided to edit the photos a little @VancityReynolds." Meanwhile, much of his surprise, Reynolds also made a kind reply to her young fan. He added that next time, she should photoshop him over her yearbook.

Apparently, the photo which surfaced online gained several reactions from the online world. A lot has praised the young fan for having such creative idea.

On the other hand, Reynolds was also surprised after learning that he has been on a prom date through the edited photos from Dunn.

Happiness on herself

A report from Entertainment Online further shared that Dunn took to Twitter and finally shared that she already found the happiness on herself.

Amid her break up, Dunn chooses to move forward and still enjoys her life. She even added that she no longer feel the need to have a man in order for her to be happy.

Meanwhile, the young fan also got some replies from a follower who pretended to be her ex-boyfriend. The follower was identified as Jeff Bright and it posted nothing but a joke towards Dunn.

Meanwhile, the 40-year old actor was also happy after learning that he has been helping her fan move on from a breakup.

Apparently, no one would believe that a movie star like Reynolds would date a young fan. Nevertheless, what the young girl did just make everyone on the social media in awe. Amid the news, Reynolds is believed to be busy working on his upcoming film, the "Deadpool 2." Further, the show is slated to be released on June 1, 2018, along with famous stars like Morena Baccarin and Josh Brolin.