Louis Tomlinson is a former member of the band "One Direction." Louis and Harry both had to deal with rumors that the pair were secretly in love throughout their time with the band. Their fans started the rumors and continue them even to this day. In a recent interview, Louis finally addressed these rumors and stated that they are not true. This is not the first time that the star has made this claim. It is clear that the rumors have had a negative effect on Tomlinson and even caused a strain on his and Harry's friendship.

The singer addresses the rumors

Louis Tomlinson was a former member of the boy band "One Direction." Over the years fans of the boy band began rumors that Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles were secretly in love. According to Logo, Louis has come forward to finally address the rumors that the pair is in love with one another. In an interview with bizarre, Tomlinson stated that he was never directly asked about his supposed love for band mate Harry Styles.

He stated that the whole thing was extremely bizarre and once it was out there fans took it to a whole new level. He went on to claim that people are going to believe whatever they want but has denied the rumors again. Louis Tomlinson has a child from a former relationship.

The singer is currently dating Eleanor Calder and has stated that the rumors are a bit disrespectful to his current girlfriend.

The ship has had a negative impact on the singer's life

According to Billboard, fans constant commenting about the romance between Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles has had a bad effect on the pair's relationship.

The rumors of "Larry" caused the boys undue stress. In 2012, Louis tweeted out that "Larry" was the stupidest thing he had ever heard of. He told fans and the public that he was happy and they should just leave it at that. The star also banned his fans from using the word "Larry" on his Instagram photos.

In terms of his relationship with former band mate Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson said that the rumors put a strain on the boy's friendship.

They were constantly being plagued by fans of "One Direction" about this supposed romance. This caused Louis to come out as straight through his social media. It is clear that the star simply has had enough of the rumors and wishes that they would come to an end once and for all. Harry Styles had made no comment about the rumors.

Louis Tomlinson is currently focusing on his solo career. He has recently released two tracks and has made it to number one on the charts. All five former members of "One Direction" have now had their solo music feature in the top of the music charts.