Searyl Atli was Born in November of 2016 and is believed to be the first baby born without a designated gender. The Canadian native received a genderless health card. However, the child's mother is experiencing difficulties when it comes to obtaining a genderless birth certificate for Searyl. Searyl is the only baby of their kind and the baby's mother continues to campaign for their child's genderless start to life.

Mother has filed for judicial review of case

Kori Doty is the mother of newborn baby Searyl Atli. The parent is fighting for their child's birth certificate to remain genderless.

Doty feels strongly about allowing her child the choice to determine their own gender. The mother is a member of the transgender community and identifies as non-gender binary. They have stated that they found it very difficult to get their own gender legally changed. They do not want Searyl to go through the same process they did.

According to the BBC, when Searyl Atli was born in November the baby was allowed a heath card with a "U" in place of the gender marker. This stands for unassigned or unknown. However, when it comes to the birth certificate authorities have declined Doty's request to have a genderless marker. Doty has now filed for a judicial review of the case.

Kori Doty has been educating the world on non-gender binary life

New mother Doty has released a video on YouTube about raising a nongender binary baby. They claim that they are simply looking at their baby as just that, a baby. The mother does not want to put any labels on their child and rather wants to give Searyl the option to choose his or her own gender.

Doty has expressed that they do not want their baby to be confined to any expectations of society.

According to Newsweek, the parent is also a member of the Gender-Free ID Coalition. The mother is not the only parent fighting to get their child's gender changed to an unspecified marker. There are eight other parents out there who are also fighting the same battle.

However, one has to wonder whether Doty is thinking about their child, or their past experiences struggling to get their own gender identified.

There has been no further comment from the authorities on the issue. Parent, Doty has stated that they will continue to campaign on behalf of their child. Doty has also pointed out that some places are already changing and allowing genderless markers to be used for new born babies.